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Here she goes again...chasing dreams in airports and planes


I am just your average blonde girl bopping around the world, alone. I lived in South Korea for a year and a half after University to see what the world was made of and I just have not been able to stop. It gave me so much and I hope that I gave back to the people and places along the way. Looking for something, running towards greatness, feeling free and alive. Your welcome Italy is a compile of stories while I am living and working in Italy as an English teacher. Some of the stories are hilarious, down right stupid or the reality of living abroad. While I meet friends and life continues I find myself laughing at what foreigners do, and saying “you’re welcome Italy”. Some of the thoughts and stories are about my travels around the world and how I ended up there. I have explored, eaten food that is unrecognizable, met people and lovers from all walks of life, traveled with strangers, hitch hiked once or twice, studied yoga with a master guru in a fishing village, sailed the Mediterranean on a sail boat with three families and I am no where close to being finished. Traveling is like an itch that I urn to scratch, despite the challenges and adversities its like a lover that gives you problems but you keep going back because it’s trilling and fun. The love of the chase. Some people ask me “what are you running from?” It is not what I am running from it is what I am running to, the great unknown. I am not sure where I am going but I know exactly where I have been and this is my tale of a journey of a quest to love, explore, heal, know myself, become independent and find my way to my biggest hopes and dreams. The world is my lover, and I run to it with open arms. It reciprocates my love equally giving me true wonders in culture, nature and people.

It is this passion that burns like fire to see the world, to meet new people, to live. I love the feeling of being open and free and have no idea where or what is next. What you will find, get the pleasure to experience or blessing to explore. I know that I am made for greatness, but as a 25 year old woman I can not help but struggle with "what I should be doing" and "what I want to do". "Get a real job", "When will you move back?" or "Why can't you just stay here, a lot of people love you here" Yes, I know all of these things but what about what I want? My dreams? I am living my wildest dream everyday. I got to explore the islands in Korea with great friends, live in Korea for over a year, call out of work with my best friend and take a weekend trip to Tokyo, took my mom to the Philippians, got stuck on a small fishing boat in a hurrican, climbed mountains, swam in caves, went scuba diving with a cute teacher in Thailand, backbacked Thailand with my childhood best friend, met people, kissed people, ate rice and fruit on a stick with spicy dipping sauce, got baptised in Indonesia from a holly man, went fishing with the village men and then helped the woman carry the baskets on our heads and cooked the fish, went to ceremonies for the dead and alive, have been blesssed in every way possible to be so lucky to experience life. I tried to settle down and get married but that didn't work out. So, at 42 kilos I picked up the pieces to my bad engagement and followed my heart and the pasta...straight to a Sicillian family that feed me back to health. I stayed with them for five months before moving on to Bari Italy to teach English at a college. Here I sit as the warm wind blows off the sea...

“I’m bored, restless, a relentless urge takes over my body, and my heart beat races and adrenalin pumps through my veins like morphine. Numbing. I can not decide, struggle between what society and culture says I should be doing and my own destiny. I am fighting a holly war with myself. Why am I staying in this, why does it never seizes fire. I am plagued with what lies beyond the horizon. Visions of the Mediterranean and villas are in my dreams” I write this in my journal a few months earlier

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